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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Why Blood Covenant Is Important in Every Relationship and Marriage


Take it or leave it, accept it or reject it, blood covenant is the solution to heartbreaks, failed marriage and relationships in our society today. Merely looking at it, men of these days now use love as a bait to sleep around with different women while the young ladies use love to extort turning relationship to money making scheme.

Infact There is no seems to be true love anymore as you hardly find a partner that will support your dreams. No wonder people no longer want to get themselves into relationships and marriages anymore simply because of infidelity from their partners. This is common in our society today both the young and adult are not excluded. Haven reasoning all these I have come to conclusion that it's high time we adopt our forefathers legacy by making blood covenant the bedrock of our relationship and marriages. Imagine a jobless man having three wives, blood covenant is the solution to all these menace even exchanging of vows on the alter when joining couples doesn't work.

UNITY: Blood covenant creates unity in family, among friends, relationship marriages. A marriage build on blood covenant hardly collapse and the couples will always be in unity even if there's circumstances not to  be together but for the fact that blood covenant is involved there will always be unity because of the consequences involved. Blood covenant build trust, unity In friendship, as we all witness the level of fake friends in our society today is disturbing as there are no real friends anymore but you know what? Blood covenant is the solution To everlasting friendship and in family. A Family build on blood covenant is always peaceful unless the rule is broken and who will break the rule when they already know the consequences? There's no need to panic about infidelity in your relationships or marriage provided blood covenant is involved, you already know the penalty for betrayal.

Blood covenant will Reduce influx of Crimes, over population, fake Love, Unwanted pregnancies among others in the society. Blood covenant will make your partner stick to you for better and for worse until death depart you, this will reduce the influx of unwanted pregnancies which causes over population which results to unemployment and scarcity of job in the country. A man won't dare cheat on his wife in blood covenant marriage and this will stop guys from sleeping around also blood covenant will eradicate prostitution so everyone can focus on themselves instead of using love as a bait to get what they want.

There are different types of blood blood covenant, not all blood covenants are punishable by death. Our forefathers implemented it to promote unity, love, happiness in their homes and family and we can do same by following their footsteps. If this is your third marriage or fifth relationship I suggest you try blood covenant to make things work out.


Blood covenant may seems to be Good and best option for a healthy relationship, Marriage, happy family but the consequences of blood covenant cannot be over emphasised. The consequences of blood covenant include sudden death, short life span, regrets, pain, agony, tears, accident, depression, mental disorder, stroke etc. After securing your marriage with blood covenant and you later find out that your partner is a fraudster? You won't be able voice out and how will you get out of toxic relationships and marriages blood covenant involved? It is very risky. 

In nutshell, Blood covenant is the panacea to failed marriage, relationship but ask yourself if your relationship, marriage, union or association worth dying for. Before adopting blood covenant as an option, seek for medical advice, spiritual advice and parental advice to avoid stories that touches in Future.

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