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Saturday, February 22, 2020

We’ve abolished making women drink water used to wash dead husbands – Enogie of Ekpoma

February 22, 2020 0

The Enogie of Ekpoma, Zaiki Abumere II, is a lawyer and bank worker who abandoned the hustling and bustling life of Lagos to succeed his father who died in 2007 as the traditional ruler of his town. The Enogie tells SOLA SHITTU how his community uses a jury system similar to that of the United States of America

What is the origin of Ekpoma as a kingdom?

The origin of Ekpoma is like every other town in Esanland. We started from Benin Kingdom when a reigning Oba in those days lost one of his sons. Then he said nobody should cook for a certain period of time. So, a lot of people started leaving Benin; that was how our forefathers also left Benin and came to this place called Esanland. The first migrants that came into this community were mostly the traditional rulers. Jibome was the first settler. He was the founder of Ekpoma and the first traditional ruler of Ekpoma Kingdom. Similar things also happened in other Esanland like Uromi, Irrua, Ubiaja and others. We are all of Benin ancestry.

Is there any memorable event that happened during your coronation as the Enogie of Ekpoma?

The only memorable thing I can remember apart from the normal rituals is that my subject was the one who gave me the staff of office. A former governor of Edo State, Professor Osareme Osunbor, was the one who gave me the staff of office in 2007 and after that, he was removed from office. That was what also happened during my father’s time; when my father became the traditional ruler of this community, it was the late Professor Ambrose Ali who was the governor then. And when it was my turn too, Professor Osunbor was also the governor but unfortunately the court gave a judgment against him and that was how he left the office and Adams Oshiomole became the governor.

What were you doing before you became the traditional ruler of this kingdom?

I was working with Liberty Bank as a banker and I’m also a lawyer. I practised in two chambers; I was with Niyi Idowu and Kunle Aina, both at Ikeja, Lagos. I was with those chambers and later I got a job with Liberty Bank which is now part of United Bank for Africa. UBA acquired Liberty Bank when they could not meet up with the N25bn capitalisation directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria then.

If you look at your lifestyle as a banker, lawyer and technocrat at that time and compare it with your lifestyle as a traditional ruler, what are the differences?

(Laughs) Being a traditional ruler is completely different from living in Lagos as a prince, but I had to adjust. But before that time, my father was on the throne. As a prince, I was taught how to handle matters. So when I ascended the throne, my experience in the banking industry and as a legal practitioner was helpful. Definitely, there must be ups and downs in administration, but you have to carry everybody along and adjust to the system. When I compare my life then with my life now, I notice two things.

As a traditional ruler, I am with my people so I need to come down to their level so I can relate with them. I don’t look down on people because they are poor; I treat everyone equally. I am there for the poor as much as I am there for the rich. Anybody who comes to Ekpoma will find my doors open 24/7; my chiefs can testify to that. I cannot speak for any other traditional ruler but I know I am always available to my people. I’m not the kind of traditional ruler who will put the traditional stool in one place and be in Lagos or Port Harcourt, or the type of traditional ruler that will come home once in a while. No, I’m not like that. If I am not around, then I’m on vacation. Everybody needs vacation, and if I go on vacation, it’s for maybe one or two weeks. I’m soon back so I can be on the ground for my people.

How do you spend your vacation?

I also travel abroad like every other people; I go and relax. You know, one must have time to relax and refresh and then come back. Office work is really different from the work of a traditional ruler. The job of a traditional ruler is really tedious. A lot of people might not really understand what I’m saying but as a traditional ruler, you won’t even have time for yourself at all. You attend to people as they come. As I am here now, someone might be out there shouting. I would have to ask my people to bring the person in.

When you came in, did you notice that there was no police, soldier or any form of security operative? If anybody wants to see me, all they need to do is to see my secretary.

Are there some actions considered as taboo in Ekpoma?

In Ekpoma, it is a taboo for any man to sleep with another man’s wife. We don’t take it lightly. Also, it is a taboo for any man to sleep with his daughter or for anyone to commit suicide. There are others which I cannot remember now but we consider life precious and no one is allowed to take their own life. However, if you are talking about traditions, there are some traditions that have been changed. We are still trying to work on some, especially the one that gives a son the right to inherit his father’s wife. It was in vogue in those days, but we are trying to discourage it now. There is also a tradition that compels a woman to drink from the water used to wash the corpse of her husband and swear that she had nothing to do with his death. No, we don’t allow that at all here again, we no longer accommodate it. It has been abolished.

But that does not mean some communities are not engaging in some funny things but if it gets to me or I’m aware of it, I stop them immediately. There was an incident involving a woman; she ran to my palace. Her husband died and she was asked to swear and all that. I sent a message to them immediately to stop that. I warned against it and told them I would take it up and report them to the government if they went ahead with it. There are lots of non-governmental organisations working on that. We just settled a matter here: a man died and they said the first son was not his. They doubted if he was his son or not. I said the best way to settle the matter was by conducting a DNA test but some people were still saying the woman must be compelled to swear that the child belonged to the deceased, but I told them it was the DNA test that would solve the problem.

How has your training as a lawyer helped you to adjudicate?

When they bring any matter before me, I try as much as possible to give a fair hearing. I don’t listen to one side and then give a judgment; I listen to both sides. I look at the issue objectively. Most of the matters we settle here do not go beyond two adjournments. At the first hearing, we allow people to give evidence or speak as a witness. Even for land issues, they are settled within five days. That is unlike the situation in our courts where matters go on for years.

In Ekpoma here and I think in the whole of Esanland, we have a jury system like that of the US. When you bring a matter here, the chiefs will look at it, then they will report and give a judgment. It’s not only the traditional ruler that will do everything. We call it Uwen. When a matter is brought here, the chiefs will listen to it and then go inside to discuss on it. Then they come out to give their judgment. After coming up with their judgment, I will look at it and see if it is properly done and put my seal on it. If it is not okay, I will tell them ‘this is how it should be done’.

You are about to hold Ihue Festival, what is the festival about?

Ihue Festival is to mark the end of year and beginning of a new year, based on our traditional calendar. Like now, we are about to start a new year traditionally. It is different from the January to December calendar. We have our own calendar too and we are about to end a year and begin a new one. There is a way we calculate it and then fix a date for the festival. For this year, it will hold on February 27, 28, and 29. It is the end of a planting season; everybody will come out. Our sons and daughters will also come home from various places. There is a part of it we call Enaisa, although we have also incorporated interdenominational service into it. On the second day, we do Enaisa, where we go round the community to pray on the land, pray for the people, pray for those who are not natives of the land and pray for our sons and daughters abroad. We also pray for the state and the Federal Government.

After that, the various communities will pay homage to the king at the palace, including those who are not natives like the Igbo, the Urhobo and others. They pay homage to the Enogie. On the main day, we entertain the people and display our culture, then I will address the people and pray for them but I have added some colours to it. I have added football match to engage the youth. I have been doing this since I ascended the throne in 2007. We also added beauty competition, traditional wrestling and marathon, from the university campus gate to the palace. Some people come from Benin and other areas to participate. But for this year, we will only allow a football match and funding for indigent students. The last time, we paid the West African Senior School Certificate Examination fees for 20 students and that’s why we are calling on the government to always support traditional rulers for programmes like this.

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I’m not afraid of prison – South Africa’s ex-president, Jacob Zuma

February 22, 2020 0

South Africa’s graft-accused former president Jacob Zuma returned home on Saturday after a month-long trip to Cuba for medical treatment and declared he was not afraid of prison.

Zuma, 77, was slapped with an arrest warrant earlier this month after his lawyers claimed he was too ill to travel back to South Africa for a pre-trial hearing on corruption charges.

A high court issued the warrant after it questioned the authenticity of his sick note, but said it would not be executed until the case is set to resume on May 6.

A crowd of people gathered at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo international airport to welcome Zuma, the former ANC leader who ruled South Africa from 2009 to 2018.

“I am not afraid of prison,” Zuma told his supporters in Zulu before being ushered out of the arrivals hall.

He raised his thumbs and grinned from behind a pair of dark glasses as a singing crowd gathered around him.

Zuma is alleged to have taken bribes of  four million rand (about $267,000) related to a $3.4 billion arms deal in 1999 when he was deputy president.

In all, he faces 16 charges of fraud, graft and racketeering related to the purchase of fighter jets, patrol boats and military equipment.

The arrest warrant was just the latest twist in a case that has seen many legal turns over the past decade and a half.

Zuma was forced to step down in 2018 by the ruling African National Congress after a nine-year reign marked by corruption allegations and dwindling popularity.

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Oluwo kicks over six-month suspension for disrespecting Ooni, Alaafin, Alake

February 22, 2020 0
Bola Bamigbola, Osogbo

Osun State Traditional Rulers’ Council on Friday suspended Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, for six months from its meeting.

At the 98-member Traditional Council meeting held under heavy security were about 60 monarchs.

The traditional rulers present were the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi; Orangun of Ila, Oba Wahab Adedotun; Timi of Ede, Oba Munirudeen Lawal; Ataoja of Osogbo, Oba Jimoh Olanipekun and Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba Rauf Adedeji.

Others were Olufon of Ifon, Oba Maroof Magbegbola; Olojudo of Ido Osun, Oba Aderemi Adedapo; Olowu of Kuta, Oba Hammeed Oyelude; Orangun of Oke Ila, Oba Adedokun Abolarin; Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi; Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa, Oba Dirkrullahi Akinropo; Owamiran of Esa Oke and Oba Adeyemi Adediran, among others.

The suspension was based on allegations of disrespect for Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and Alake of Egba, Oba Adedokun Gbadebo at different times in the past.

Although the council’s emergency meeting was convened to discuss alleged attack on Oba Akinropo by Oba Akanbi at a peace meeting held in Zone XI Headquarters of Nigeria Police Force last Friday.

Akinropo was, however, left off the hook over the matter after the council considered explanations by AIG Bashir Makama, who told the gathering there was no physical assault on Akanbi, even though there was an altercation between them.

The police boss was said to have been asked for the CCTV footages of the meeting, but he was said to have claimed that the gadget was not inside the venue of the meeting on the day of the incident.

A committee headed by Orangun of Ila, Oba Wahab Adedotun, was also constituted by the council to further investigate the matter involving Akanbi and Obas in Iwo land.

Giving accounts of what transpired at the meeting, Akanbi insisted he did not attack Akinropo but agreed they were involved in verbal altercation.

Sources at the meeting said royal fathers arrived at the decision to suspend Akanbi from their meeting after series of complaints regarding his relationship with other traditional rulers

A source at the meeting, who pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that the royal fathers referred to a complaint against Akanbi by Alaafin of Oyo.

The source said, “The royal fathers considered some complaints against Akanbi. There were complaints against him by Alake, Alaafin, Oluwo Oke and Ooni.

“The move was to save traditional institution from being further dragged in the mud. It was not because of what happened between him and Agbowu.”

It was further learnt that initially, five-year suspension and N2m fine were suggested by a monarch against Akanbi, the meeting later arrived at two different decisions of six months and three months suspension.

After putting the two decisions to vote, more royal fathers were said to have voted in support of six months’ suspension against Akanbi.

Akanbi was earlier asked to excuse the meeting, alongside Akinropo and Olu of Ile Ogbo.

When he was invited back and informed of the decision to suspend him, it was gathered he could not be suspended.

Speaking with Saturday Punch on his way out of the meeting, Akanbi said he could not be suspended.

Briefing newsmen on the outcome of their meeting, Orangun of Ila, Oba Adedotun, who spoke in Yoruba language said, “We all agreed that Oluwo should be suspended for six months. The suspension is not because of the altercation he had with Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa.

“The suspension was because of his attitude towards traditional rulers within Osun and outside the state.

“He did not show respect to the traditional rulers at the meeting and showed same attitude towards the Alaafin of Oyo, Alake of Egbaland, Oluwo-Oke and the Ooni of Ile-Ife. We believe enough is enough.

“We also resolved that a 10-man committee would try to resolve the dispute between him and the Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa and other traditional rulers. We also asked Oluwo not to speak to the media again on the matter.”

My suspension political, says Oluwo

Meanwhile, Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, has described as political his purported suspension from Osun State Traditional Council.

In a statement on Friday by his Press Secretary, Ali Ibrahim, Akanbi said the point given by the council was porous, lacked logic and did not portray the revered traditional council in good light.

He said they refused to address the allegation that he punched a monarch, the reason for the meeting.

He said any suspension from the OSTC meeting would still be subjected to the approval of the state government.

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We live in denial, security situation to get worse – Ekweremadu

February 22, 2020 0

Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has said Nigeria’s security situation would get worse.

Ekweremadu, who has been in the Senate since 2003, added that the community policing structure planned by the Nigeria Police Force is fraudulent and a distraction.

He also said the South-West security outfit code-named ‘Operation Amotekun’ is a child of circumstance because the federal policing system of the Federal Government is not working.

Ekweremadu, who spoke in an interview on Channels Television monitored by The PUNCH, said the NPF needed to address the lack of trust and confidence between the people and the police, noting that community policing is about making the people trust the police with intelligence.

He said, “I sympathise with Nigerians. I think we are living in denial. The security situation is so bad and the bad news is that it is going to get worse because we are not dealing with it at all.

“Nigeria lives as a federal state. We accepted before independence that is suitable for our circumstance is federalism. Since we accepted federalism, we need to look at others practising federalism.

“In those other places, the way they deal with security is to decentralise it. The idea of forming a federal system of government is that you have accepted that you have so many diversities. To respect those diversities, you have to come into a loose arrangement to do things in a way that is peculiar to the people.

“Community policing is a fraud. It is a total distraction. What they are telling us is that there is a problem between the community and the police itself and they need to address that lack of trust and confidence. That’s what community policing is all about.

“If you have a federal system, you have a complete architecture that can deal with situations in a complex manner.

“The Inspector-General came to us and told us they are going to get volunteers who will be giving police information, find out what their challenges are, why do they not trust the police, to build their confidence. That’s what they are saying but our people don’t seem to get it.

“Amotekun is a child of circumstance. Unfortunately, the federal police we have now is not working. That’s why they came together to say let us have a security outfit to deal with our problems.

“Amotekun is different from what the federal government is saying about community policing. They have personnel who are going to deal with issues unlike what the federal government is proposing.”

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Board director, two others arrested over defilement of 14-year-old

February 22, 2020 0

The police in Sokoto have arrested three employees of Sokoto State Urban and Regional Planning Board alleged to have impregnated a 14-year-old sachet water hawker.

The trio, Ahmad Nawawi, a director of finance, Habibu Abubakar and one unnamed person, are currently undergoing interrogation, the spokesperson for the police in the state, ASP Muhammad Sadiq, said.

Also, in police custody is a human rights lawyer implicated in the statements of the suspects to facilitate withdrawal of the case from the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons. Sadiq said police had already taken over the case from NAPTIP.

City Round gathered that the police involvement came on the heels of the threat to the life of the victim’s maternal aunt, Hajiya Maryam Yusuf.

Yusuf, however, reiterated that she would not back down until her piece got justice.

“The father confessed to us that he was given money to abort the pregnancy and take care of the girl. I vehemently disagreed to the settlement because how could she still be under NAPTIP custody if the case has been truly over?

“There were pressure and threats to my life over my refusal to let the case rest. They summoned me and offered me some money, but I refused to collect it. Now they are threatening my life,” she alleged.

The suspects allegedly took turns to have carnal knowledge of the girl in one of their offices resulting in a pregnancy. They had separately made statements at the zonal office of NAPTIP in Sokoto.

Nawawi described the entire allegation as a frame-up having political undertone while Abubakar alleged that they confessed under duress at the NAPTIP office.

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I have been singing since I was 6Year old says Tee Wise, First polytechnic Student To Appear on MTN yellow star

February 22, 2020 0
I have been singing since I was 6Year old says Tee Wise, First polytechnic Student To Appear on MTN yellow star 

Tee Wise speaks on his Experience With Voice Air Media

Fast rising Artist And a student of the federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti, Fagbohun Oluwatimileyin Emmanuel, aka Tee Wise has shared His Experience with ADETUNJI OLOLADE, about his career as a secular musician. Tee Wise, talented singer is the first polytechnic student in Nigeria to contest for MTN yellow star. His songs  are motivating, inspiring and impacting lives. EXCLUSIVE short interview with Tee Wise 

How do you come up with the name Tee Wise?

 "There was a time, apart from composing on my own, when I hear people's chorus I develop raps for it immediately on that spot. And also anything that happens I sing with it, if a cock crows I generate chorus for it. At times guys in my area will gather at nights, drum with tin cans and i will start singing and rapping without even practising. It  got to some extents people will come to me, "Tee, this is what is happening to me, this is what I want to sing about and I'll develop chorus and raps for them.

Even artists in my area got to know me, take me to studio for that purpose.  The most interesting part is that with God's help and grace,  some of my songs were by inspirations, I mean i get direct inspirations, I'm not someone who composes a song for a month, 2months, 3months. My producers know me, I go to studios empty handed, you will not even know I want to record. Then everyone in my hood will be like that guy, Tee is very wise, that guy is wise.I have an elder brother who is a Naval Officer, Officer Tomisin Fagbohun, he joined the two words; Tee and Wise to TeeWise ".

For how long have you been singing, composing and and how and when did your popularity came to lime light?

"Thank you. I've been singing since I was 6year when   I was in the midst of the  church choir And I've been composing since then, as a matter of fact, I was the only teenager  separated from Junior choir then and made to join  senior choir. Whenever I was sent on errand, anything I see, I will sing and compose about it.  But when I discovered the talent, I didn't count it as a gift,  I just continued without aim, facing normal life. I was in Jss3 when I started developing the talent and my parents are proud of me.

When I reached SS2 in the year 2012, the talent started boosting in me  and that was how my name and popularity came to limelight.  I realised the gravity of what I possess because people were appreciating me, even when I never reach studio, my fans were many. more friends and more fans. It continued like that till today and as I changed locations, the process keeps going like that".

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is that one day, people may start ignoring our inspiring songs for all these immorality-boosting songs. Judging from what's happening around us, 70% fancy these songs. Let's ask ourselves, if we play one inspiring song and play one of these songs we're talking about,(I don't want to mention names) which one will people prefer? A song is a one with a sensible beat and sensible messages,(doesn't have to do with how sweet your voice is, you can have a sweet voice and still sing rubbish).This is my biggest fear. Not only in my own interest, but what i feel for other artists out there that sings sense. Now eventually, when people choose these songs over ours, what will happen to us? Our talents? Our dreams? Our aims? Won't we be forced to join them if we can't beat them?.

How do you dress?

"Normal guys dress. The difference is I don't sag, and i don't dress like touts".

What are the major challenges you face being an upcoming artist? 

"My challenges are much, but the major ones is based on the approach of people to our songs. You know, this song is not okay, this voice is not good. And so many discouraging things people do atimes. But I see them as challenges, to strive harder not to be discouraged"

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My Brother Sponsoring My Education Had Died - Polytechnic Student Begs For Financial Assistance To Write Final Examination

February 22, 2020 0
Crown Polytechnic Odo, Ado Ekiti 
  • My Brother Sponsoring My Education Died Recently 
  • People Do Demand sex from me in exchange of favour which I can't offer them 
  • This my Final Year Examination in Crown polytechnic odo, Ado Ekiti 

A Final Year Student of The Crown Polytechnic Odo, Ado Ekiti, Olawale Olabisi, has took to Voice Air Media to beg for financial assistance from well meaningful Nigerians in order to write her final examinations which is scheduled to commence on March 16th. 

According to  her statement,  She said her brother who happens to be the bread winner of their family died of recent and things have been difficult for her since his demise.

 She further explained that her parents were only able to raise ten thousand Naira(#10,000) out of #38,500 payable fees as she still have about #28,500 to balance up her school fees.

Asking if Olabisi  has engaged in any menial jobs to fund her education, she said: I have tried all my best to get a menial job to sponsor my fees but to no avail due to my school  location while the little I earn,  I used it to buy handouts and feed myself, No one is willing to help me. Those who managed to assist me always demand sex from me in which I can't offer them. These are the reasons why I am begging for financial assistance. 

"And my elder brother sponsoring my education died recently, everything have been so hard since his demise and our  examination at crown polytechnic will commence march 16th, I Am using this medium to appeal to Well meaningful Nigerians to come to my aid and assist me with any amount they can afford so I can pay my tuition fees and continue my education. I am requesting you to help me through this difficult time, so I don’t have to drop out of the school " 

We hereby appeal to the General public to please raise any amount for olawale Adebisi,  A National Diploma Student of The Crown Polytechnic Odo, Ado-Ekiti so she may continue with her education. 

Account Details 

Olawale olabisi phoebe

Phone number: 07062746322
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Students In Happy Mood As Poly Ibadan Reopens Hostel

February 22, 2020 0

The Polytechnic, Ibadan finally Opens Hostels.

In the early hours of February 20th 2020, Students were seen trooping in with their beddings and luggage with smiles and a sense of utter relief. After the long wait and the deficiency for accommodation, students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, finally witness the hostels coming to life for the 2019/2020 academic session .

It is worth note, that Olori Hall took this bold step earlier on to open the hostel with the Remita reciept pending the time the official reciept was released. It is without question that the Olori Hall is a pace setter, and its all Kudos to the compassionate Hall Warden.

Orisun Hall of Residence followed shortly while the other two joined subsequently. In a short conversation with some students, here’s what some students had to say about the final opening of hostels.

Press: How do u feel with the opening of the hostel.

Student: though the hostel was opened late and coming for lectures from moniya was not an easy task for me when lectures start by 8 in the morning, but now am happy and I can take my time to rest not thinking about the traffic jam on the road the next day that may want to delay my coming to class early.

Another correspondent spoke to a resident of Olori Hall, and she responded.
Press: you have been staying in the hostel for the past 3days, what can you say has been your experience.

Student : staying in a room with 4 different people with different character is an experience for me, but me staying in the hostel were I paid the fee and having the sole right in the room as my partner also brings a sense of freedom to make decision especially on what I would eat without thinking of whether the others will appreciate or not.

However, several comments were made by staylite who are willing to stay in the hostel ,thus the Students’ Affairs is there as the right and best authority to guide and give students modus operandi on the allocation of hotels.

Cc; Press Council TPI

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Friday, February 21, 2020

ADOPOLY: Issuance Of Notification Of Results To commence February 27th With Medical Certificate

February 21, 2020 0

ADOPOLY: Issuance Of   Notification Of Results To commence February 27th With Medical Certificate 

The federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti will commence issuance of Notification of results to prospective corp members starting from Thursday 27th February 2020. The students are to bring  along to exams and record unit, A medical certificate of fitness issued by the health centre Of the federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti while coming for the collection of statement of results.

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Taraba State Poly Admission List For 2019/2020 Session

February 21, 2020 0

The Taraba State Polytechnic, Suntai, has released the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and supplementary admission lists for the 2019/2020 academic session. Candidates who applied for admission in the Polytechnic and proceed to check if they have been offered admission. 


The names of admitted candidates have been uploaded online. See the procedure to check below;

Kindly log on to Taraba Poly admission status checking portal via https://tarabapoly.edu.ng/pages.php?id=list.
Select course, session, and batch.
Click on the Submit button to access your admission status.
Congratulations to all admitted students!


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Kogi commissioner calls for cultism eradication

February 21, 2020 0

The Kogi State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Wemi Ojo Jones, has charged all heads of institutions in the state to intensify action in eradicating cultism in schools as directed by the Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello.

The Commissioner gave the charge at the inaugural meeting he held with stakeholders in education on Monday in Lokoja. This was disclosed by Adamu Seidu, the Information Officer of the Ministry of Education.

Jones said that the purpose of the meeting was to interact with all the relevant stakeholders and brainstorm on how to take education to a greater height in Kogi State, saying the meeting would be a continuous process.

According to him, “whatever we do, if we do not educate ourselves we will get back to zero level in the area of insecurity, crime and other devices. We can only build a sustainable economy on an educated populace.

“We have to wipe out cultism in our institutions because no matter what good plans we have it will never be realised in an unsecured environment,” he said.

“I pray that God will give the heads of tertiary institutions in Kogi State and by extension other levels of education, the grace and the capacity to wipe out cultism in their various institutions.

“It is very clear that you cannot build anything in an unsecured environment, so all our institutions are to ensure that they comply fully to the directive of His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello.

The Commissioner commended the stakeholders for honouring his invitation for the meeting, assuring them of the commitment of the state government to delivering quality education for the people of Kogi State.

Speaking, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Administration, KSU, Prof. Tai Oluwagbemi, said the school authority has been intensifying effort to ensure a secure environment in the university community and its environ.

According to him, the management of KSU is already putting the machinery in place as directed by the governor to ensure that security is entrenched in our campuses and stamp out cultism in the institution.

On her part, the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja (FUL), Prof. Angela Freeman Miri, thanked the Commissioner for convening the meeting to enable effective collaborations which would bring development to education in Kogi state.

She noted that since she took over on 25th February 2016 from the pioneer VC, they had made giant strides despite the several challenges, while appealing to the state government to fulfil the promise of the perimeter fencing of their permanent site, to ensure adequate security.

Stakeholders present at the meeting were: VC, Federal University Lokoja; DVC Administration, Kogi State University; Registrar, Kogi State Polytechnic; Provosts of all Colleges of Education in Kogi, and Rector, Prime Polytechnic.

Others were ANCOPPS, TRCN, NTI, NUT; Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Secondary School (ASSUS), FMoE, STETSCOM, ANNFE, Director, State Library and Principal, Nigeria-Korean Friendship Institute.

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Nasarawa polytechnic academic staff union elects new officials

February 21, 2020 0

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), Nasarawa State Polytechnic (NASPOLY), Lafia, has elected new officials to run its affairs for the next three years.

The election conducted on Saturday saw the emergence of Sylvester Aku, as Chairman and Jubril Abdullahi, Vice Chairman with Okoje Kanna, as Secretary-General.

Other elected officers were Sarah Olawoye, Treasurer and Abubakar Omaku, as Publicity Secretary.

Speaking at the end of the exercise, Mr Gizima Makas, the National Coordinator of the Union, Zone B, expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election.

Makas commended the members for demonstrating a high sense of decorum during the election and called on the new officials to ensure the protection of interest and welfare of their members.

Also commenting, Mr Denis Yakubu, the Chairman of the Electoral Committee, described the exercise as free and affair.

He urged the elected members to emulate their predecessors and shun acts capable of tarnishing their image.

On his part, Aku thanked the members for their support and promised to carry everyone along in order to move the union forward.

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Ogun First Lady storms MAPOLY for OGUNSACA 2020

February 21, 2020 0

Her Excellency, Chief Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun, was joyfully received in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta on Friday, 14th February, 2020, when she led the Ogun State Agency for the Control of AIDS (OGUNSACA) for HIV and AIDS prevention campaign.

The campaign, which was to mark this year 2020 Valentine's Day on a special attribute “Share Love Not HIV”, was also meant to enable the public, especially young folks, understand their status.

The Acting Rector, Dr. Adeoye Odedeji, on behalf of the Management, members of staff and students of the institution warmly appreciated her Excellency for making MAPOLY her first point of call on the impactful task. 

Dr. Odedeji further lauded the indelible efforts of the state governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun towards reinstatement of the institution into the comity of Polytechnics.

He emphasized that, "every stakeholder will forever be grateful to the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun for giving life back to MAPOLY".

The Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Honorable Dr. Tomi Coker; wife of the Speaker, Mrs. Olakunle Oluomo, were amongst the dignitaries at the event.

However, jubilant students, who could not hide their joy, illuminated the event with poems and talent exhibition to entertain the visitors. 

Meanwhile, the event featured free blood screening, HIV test, questions and answers, freebies amongst others.

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